Different colors of nail polish

Tips You Can Use to Choose the Right Nail Polish Color

Before you select the right nail polish color, you will need to do some research on it first, but it’s quite easy to choose the best shade. Avoid making any mistakes. However, selecting the perfect nail polish color is crucial since you need to match your skin tone, your style and also the shape of your hands. Like if your fingernails are short, choose a polish color that will make them appear stumpy. But don’t worry because in this article you will find some of the tips you need to learn when choosing perfect nail polish color.

The Occasion

nail artWhen selecting the perfect nail polish color, you should consider the occasion or the day. Know what you will be doing for the day. If you are only going out to have fun, you can choose a colorful nail polish or few fun designs. If you are going on an official occasion, you should keep it neutral. But if you are attending a night out in town, red nail polish color is terrific. Just try to maintain dark colors or silver and gold.

Skin Tone

It’s crucial to know your skin tone when choosing the right nail polish color to match your skin tone. You will find some hard and quick rules for selecting a color according to your skin tone. Mostly, if you have fair skin, you will look better in dark colors, particularly like ones that have a blue base. Medium skin tone people can use dark red polish and darker skin tones can use any color.


You should also consider your makeup when choosing your nail polish color. Choices are mixed, so it’s essential to have a matching nail polish. I know you don’t want to look funny since it might appear somehow tacky and bland. If your lipstick and your nail polish are of dramatic shade, then you will attract proper attention, and it’s incredible.

Biggest Trends

manicure for gel polishFor you to select the perfect nail polish color, you should be keen on the latest trends in the market. Find out the colors that are more popular recently. No matter your type of skin tone. You will still get one that will correctly work for you,try blues, purples, blacks and even pinks because you can use a matte or even a sparkly finish.

Know What to Avoid

When choosing the best nail polish color, you have to know what to avoid.  If you have very fair skin, don’t pick one that is too dark, or your hands will appear washed out. And if your nails are square, avoid light nail polish color.…

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